Scaling your cookie recipes

This article on scaling cookie baking recipes showed up in one my key word alerts. Lots of weird things show up in alerts, but I really like cookies and the parallels were just so delicious. Scaling in the cookie baking world is: the process of multiplying your recipe by many times to produce much more dough for many more cookies. It’s the difference between making enough dough in one batch to make two dozen cookies, or 2000 cookies.

Hey, pretty close to the website notion. Yet as any good cook knows any scaled up recipe must be tweaked a little as things change at scale. Let's see what else we're supposed to do (quoted from the article):
  • Be Patient - When making large batches of cookies, the most important thing that you have to remember is not to rush.
  • Use Fresh Ingredients - This is always an important thing to keep in mind.
  • Don’t use as much leavening - When you’re making a large batch of cookie dough, remember to scale down the amount of baking powder that you use.
  • Watch the spice - As a general rule, do not be heavy handed with spice or salt when scaling up a recipe.
  • Have Fun - Like any other corny list of to-do’s I have to end on a corny note.

    With a little creativity you can make all sorts of interesting parallels between scaling websites and scaling cookies. I'll leave that to your ample imagination as mine has been crushed by a virtual sugar buzz. But my afternoon snack sized thought for the day is: Relax. Eat more cookies.