Shutterfly Saw a Speedup of 500% With Flashcache

In the "should I or shouldn't I" debate around deploying SSD, it always helps to have real-world data. Fiesta! with a live-blog summary of a presentation by Kenny Gorman on Shutterfly on MongoDB Performance Tuning.

What if you still need more performance after doing all of this tuning? One option is to use SSDs. Shutterfly uses Facebook’s flashcache: kernel module to cache data on SSD. Designed for MySQL/InnoDB. SSD in front of a disk, but exposed as a single mount point. This only makes sense when you have lots of physical I/O. Shutterfly saw a speedup of 500% w/ flashcache. A benefit is that you can delay sharding: less complexity.

The whole series of posts has a lot of great information and is worth a longer look, especially if you are considering using MongoDB.