Strategy: Let Google and Yahoo Host Your Ajax Library - For Free

Update: Offloading ALL JS Files To Google. Now you can let Google serve all your javascript files.  This article tells you how to do it (upload to Google Code Project) and why it's a big win (cheap, fast, caching, parallel downloads, save bandwidth).

Don't have a CDN? Why not let Google and Yahoo be your CDN? At least for Ajax libraries.  No charge. Google runs a content distribution network and loading architecture for the most popular open source JavaScript libraries, which include: jQuery, prototype,, MooTools, and dojo. The idea is web pages directly include your library of choice from Google's global, fast, and highly available network. Some have found much better performance and others experienced slower performance.  My guess is the performance may be slower if your data center is close to you, but far away users will be much happier. Some negatives: not all libraries are included, you'll load more than you need because all functionality is included.  Yahoo has had a similar service for YUI for a while. Remember to have a backup plan for serving your libraries, just in case.