Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For January 18th, 2019

Sorry, Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability has been called on the account of wind, rain, power outages and general mayhem. We're all safe, but it's hard to write a post using stone knives and bear skins. See you next week.

Lots of rain fell over the last 48 hours, but how much?  Here is a preliminary look.  For a more detailed list go here: #cawx #AtmosphericRiver 17, 2019
Mudslide closes Hwy. 17 southbound in Santa Cruz Mountains 17, 2019
Residents along Hwy 35 in the Santa Cruz mountains say this storm has created major problems - lots of people stranded. The latest at 4 & 6pm. #abc7now 17, 2019
@RobMayeda :  Santa Cruz Mountains are getting hammered.  Rain rates of 2.13” per hour just now.  3.46” since midnight. 17, 2019