Sun Customer Ready HPC Cluster: Reference Configurations with Sun Fire X2200 M2 and X2100 M2 Servers

The reference configurations described in this blueprint are starting points for building Sun Customer Ready HPC Clusters configured with Sun Fire X2100 M2 and X2200 M2 servers. The configurations define how Sun Systems Group products can be configured in a typical grid rack deployment. This document describes configurations in detail using Sun Fire X2100 M2 and X2200 M2 servers with a Gigabit Ethernet data fabric, as well as configurations using Sun Fire X2200 M2 servers with a high-speed InfiniBand fabric. These configurations focus on single rack solutions, with external connections through uplink ports of the switches.

These reference configurations have been architected using Sun's expertise gained in actual, real-world installations. Within certain constraints, as described in the later sections, the system can be tailored to the customer needs. Certain system components described in this document are only available through Sun's factory integration. Although the information contained here could be used during an integration on-site, the optimal benefit is achieved through Sun Customer Ready System integration.