The I.H.S.D.F. Theorem: A Proposed Theorem for the Trade-offs in Horizontally Scalable Systems

Successful software design is all about trade-offs. In the typical (if there is such a thing) distributed system, recognizing the importance of trade-offs within the design of your architecture is integral to the success of your system. Despite this reality, I see time and time again, developers choosing a particular solution based on an ill-placed belief in their solution as a “silver bullet”, or a solution that conquers all, despite the inevitable occurrence of changing requirements. Regardless of the reasons behind this phenomenon, I’d like to outline a few of the methods I use to ensure that I’m making good scalable decisions without losing sight of the trade-offs that accompany them. I’d also like to compile (pun intended) the issues at hand, by formulating a simple theorem that we can use to describe this oft occurring situation.