The Updated Big List of Articles on the Amazon Outage

Since The Big List Of Articles On The Amazon Outage was published we've a had few updates that people might not have seen. Amazon of course released their Summary of the Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS Service Disruption in the US East Region. Netlix shared their Lessons Learned from the AWS Outage as did Heroku (How Heroku Survived the Amazon Outage), Smug Mug (How SmugMug survived the Amazonpocalypse), and SimpleGeo (How SimpleGeo Stayed Up During the AWS Downtime).

The curious thing from my perspective is the general lack of response to Amazon's explanation. I expected more discussion. There's been almost none that I've seen. My guess is very few people understand what Amazon was talking about enough to comment whereas almost everyone feels qualified to talk about the event itself.

Lesson for crisis handlers: deep dive post-mortems that are timely, long, honestish, and highly technical are the most effective means of staunching the downward spiral of media attention.

Amazon's Explanation of What Happened

Experiences from Specific Companies, Both Good and Bad

Amazon Web Services Discussion Forum

A fascinating peek into the experiences of people who were dealing with the outage while they were experiencing it. Great real-time social archeology in action.

There were also many many instances of support and help in the log.

In Summary

Taking Sides: It's the Customer's Fault

Taking Sides: It's Amazon's Fault

Lessons Learned and Other Insight Articles

Vendor's Vent