The VeriScale Architecture - Elasticity and efficiency for private clouds

The modern datacenter is evolving into the network centric datacenter model, which is applied to both public and private cloud computing. In this model, networking, platform, storage, and software infrastructure are provided as services that scale up or down on demand. The network centric model allows the datacenter to be viewed as a collection of automatically deployed and managed application services that utilize underlying virtualized services. Providing sufficient elasticity and scalability for the rapidly growing needs of the datacenter requires these collections of automatically-managed services to scale efficiently and with essentially no limits, letting services adapt easily to changing requirements and workloads. Sun’s VeriScale architecture provides the architectural platform that can deliver these capabilities. Sun Microsystems has been developing open and modular infrastructure architectures for more than a decade. The features of these architectures, such as elasticity, are seen in current private and public cloud computing architectures, while the non-functional requirements, such as high availability and security, have always been a high priority for Sun. The VeriScale architecture leverages experience and knowledge from many Sun customer engagements and provides an excellent foundation for cloud computing. The VeriScale architecture can be implemented as an overlay, creating a virtual infrastructure on a public cloud or it can be used to implement a private cloud.

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