Why doesn't anyone use j2ee?

From a reader:

eBay uses Java, but in a very pragmatic way. They use servlets, an application server, the JDK, and they do the rest themselves.  They skip JSP, entity beans, and JMS.

When you need to scale putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky strategy. Why use JSP when you can do better? When use entity beans when you can do better? Use servlets because they are a very effective way of handling http requests. Use Java because it is fast, runs everywhere, and has a boat load of libraries you can use to build your build your custom system.

Probably the major reason J2EE is absentee is simply LAMP. LAMP is just so incredibly functional for most 2-tier shared nothing sites they don't need a better infrastructure for writing an application tier.

Personally, I pretty excited about GWT which uses Java and servlets. We'll see if that starts to take off a little bit more.