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Wait, you don't want 100% uptime? Who said such a crazy thing? Risk taker Urs Hölzle, senior VP for technical infrastructure, in Google's Infrastructure Chief Talks SDN:

Whenever you try something new, there are going to be problems with it....We were willing to take the risk to get the innovation. Our VP who runs our site reliability gave a great talk about not aiming for 100% uptime....The easiest way to make it be at 100% is to resist change, because change is when bad things happen. Looks great for your SLA, but it's bad for your business because you slow down innovation.... In the first year of running B4, [we asked] "Will we have an outage?" Realistically, yes there's a high chance because it was all new code. Are we going to be perfect? Probably not. You have to have a willingness to take a little risk.