YeSQL: An Overview of the Various Query Semantics in the Post Only-SQL World

The NoSQL movement faults the SQL query language as the source of  many of the scalability issues that we face today with traditional  database approach.

I think that the main reason so many people  have come to see SQL as the source of all evil is the fact that,  traditionally, the query language was burned into the database  implementation. So by saying NoSQL you basically say "No" to the  traditional non-scalable RDBMS implementations.

This view has  brought on a flood of alternative query languages, each aiming to solve a  different aspect that is missing in the traditional SQL query approach,  such as a document model, or that provides a simpler approach, such as  Key/Value query.

Most of the people I speak with seem fairly confused on this subject,  and tend to use query semantics and architecture interchangeably. In Part I of this post i tried to provide quick overview of what  each query term stands for in the context of the NoSQL world . Part II illustrates those ideas using  code examples from GigaSpaces and Datanucleus


See  Part I , Part II for more information..