Stack Overflow Architecture Update - Now at 95 Million Page Views a Month
Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 9:02AM
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A lot has happened since my first article on the Stack Overflow Architecture. Contrary to the theme of that last article, which lavished attention on Stack Overflow's dedication to a scale-up strategy, Stack Overflow has both grown up and out in the last few years.

Stack Overflow has grown up by more then doubling in size to over 16 million users and multiplying its number of page views nearly 6 times to 95 million page views a month.  

Stack Overflow has grown out by expanding into the Stack Exchange Network, which includes Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User for a grand total of 43 different sites. That's a lot of fruitful multiplying going on.

What hasn't changed is Stack Overflow's openness about what they are doing. And that's what prompted this update. A recent series of posts talks a lot about how they've been handling their growth: Stack Exchange’s Architecture in Bullet PointsStack Overflow’s New York Data CenterDesigning For Scalability of Management and Fault ToleranceStack Overflow Search — Now 81% LessStack Overflow Network ConfigurationDoes StackOverflow use caching and if so, how?Which tools and technologies build the Stack Exchange Network?.

Some of the more obvious differences across time are:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any coverage on some of the open questions I had last time, like how they were going to deal with multi-tenancy across so many diffrent properties, but there's still plenty to learn from. Here's a roll up a few different sources:

The Stats

Data Centers


Dev Tools

Software and Technologies Used

External Bits

Code that is not included as part of the development tools:

Developers and System Administrators


More Architecture and Lessons Learned

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