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Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 9:15AM
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Free use-case webinar "How E-Commerce Marketplaces get Instant Insight on Dynamic Data 10-100x Faster

Akiban is currently working with one of the worlds largest Ecommerce marketplaces, handling over 4MM domain names and over 60 MM unique visitors a month generating over $70MM. Akiban has been deployed as a "Query Accelerator" to eliminate poor performing queries that need to run in real-time to manage their sales effectiveness especially through intense sales periods at quarter end. Akiban has been in production for almost a year without any down time or any failure whatsoever, and is currently expanding.

In this webinar will go over:

  1. Use cases for Ecommerce customers
  2. The significance of a second in the Ecommerce marketplace
  3. How Akiban does instant insight 10-100x
  4. Comparison benchmarks for customers running Akiban (past VS present)
  5. New features and modules being developed for Akiban

register here

We need awesome people @ Booking.com - We want YOU!

The colors of the buttons matter. The speed of your queries matter. The run time of your request matters. And you want to measure it all. We want exceptional people like you to come design next generation interfaces, solve critical scalability problems, and hack on one of the largest Perl codebases in the world.

Our diverse, international team of UX Designers, System Administrators and Perl Hackers here in Amsterdam, Netherlands needs your talents. Booking.com will offer you a competitive salary with bonuses, extensive relocation package and great opportunities for career progression within our fast growing company.

Apply online: http://www.booking.com/jobs.en-us.html?st=list

Teradata Aster Looking for Big Data Architects

Teradata Aster (a division of Teradata Corporation) is a proven leader in Big Data management and analysis for data-driven applications. Teradata Aster’s nCluster is the first MPP architecture that enables both SQL and Map-Reduce programs to be run natively as first-class citizens in parallel. The combination of SQL and Map-Reduce allows analytic applications to be fully embedded within the storage and computation engine to enable ultra-fast, deep analysis of massive data sets.

Teradata Aster's unique “applications-within™” approach allows application logic to exist and execute with the data itself. Termed a “Massively Parallel Data-Application Server,” Teradata Aster’s solution effectively uses Aster’s patent-pending SQL-MapReduce with parallelized data processing and applications to address the Big Data challenge.

The Teradata Aster has openings in the Architecture Group for a Distributed Systems Architect https://teradata.taleo.net/careersection/prof/jobdetail.ftl?job=148985&src=JB-10460 , Performance Architect https://teradata.taleo.net/careersection/prof/jobdetail.ftl?job=148984&src=JB-10460, and Analytics Applications Architect https://teradata.taleo.net/careersection/prof/jobdetail.ftl?job=148200&src=JB-10460. As a member of the Architecture Group you will help define the technical roadmap for the product, will influence the specification and design of major features, and will be a hands-on contributor to engineering efforts. Architect responsibilities also include leading customer and partner enablement efforts, mentoring engineers, and evangelizing our market leading technology at conferences and other venues.

Hadapt is Looking for Software Engineers

Hadapt is looking for experienced software engineers for our product development team. We are creating a next generation database built on top of the Hadoop platform designed to analyze structured and unstructured data at massive scale. The product allows customers to tackle the problem of Big Data with greater efficiency, deeper insights and tremendous ease of use.

We are looking for brilliant engineers with excellent computer science and problem solving skills. Candidates should relish the opportunity to shape a cutting-edge technology while working in the fun, collaborative environment of a fast-paced startup.


Do you manage site operations for a high traffic web site? If so, then Zoosk in SF is looking for you.

If leading web site operations for a top global consumer web property that has innovative technology and smart engineering at its core, then Zoosk is the perfect place for you! You will be responsible for the high availability of the Zoosk.com site and supporting services. Zoosk ranks #36 in this year’s Digital 100 - The World’s Most Valuable Private Tech Companies. We’re looking for a problem solver who can take our site operations to the next level. This is a hands-on leadership role in a high-availability production environment supported by a talented team of system administrators.

Let's push the boundaries of site operations technology together. Join our team. www.zoosk.com/careers

How to Manage and Scale a Website that Generates 150 Million Unique Pageviews Per Month

Improved load times means more repeat visitors, higher search engine placement, and increased overall traffic. When your website is on a single server, that server has to perform many functions, such as database, web, and application processing. As a result the server can't be optimized since what's best for a database server, isn't great for a web server. By separating your services onto dedicated servers you’re able to optimize each of the servers for a particular task.

To achieve optimal scalability, you’ll need to leverage the power of managed storage, load balancing, and a content delivery network. ServerStack successfully manages a website that generates 150 million unique pageviews per month using the following server cluster configuration:

  1. 8 Database Servers
  2. 9 search servers
  3. 11 cache servers
  4. 23 app/web servers
  5. 17 encoding servers converting videos to H.264 for streaming and scrolling playback
  6. Half a Petabyte of Storage growing at 700GBs a day 25 Ad Servers delivering 20 Billion monthly impressions
  7. Nginx and Lighttpd web servers
  8. Memcache for caching
  9. MySQL with Slave replication for splitting READ and WRITEs
  10. Thin Application - Each subset of the application resides on a different set of servers allowing separate systems to fail without taking down the site - such as comments can be broken, search can be broken, media can be broken, but the website still loads

Learn more at ServerStack or give us a call at +1.866.976.8752 with any questions.


Wiredrive is looking for a SENIOR WEB APPLICATION SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR and a TEST AUTOMATION ENGINEER to join our agile infrastructure team. Wiredrive is used by over 50,000 creative professionals in the advertising, television, motion picture, and interactive industries to organize and present media for sales, marketing and production. Founded in 1999, Wiredrive has changed the way media professionals collaborate.

Do want to help make our globally distributed, high-volume, media sharing application perform better, faster and stronger? Do you want to work for a company that appreciates developer talent, has great camaraderie, benefits, and an open work space? If so, we need you.

For full job descriptions please see http://wdrv.it/QA6iTw

The New York Times: Looking for Full-Time Infrastructure Developer

The New York Times is seeking a developer focused on infrastructure to join its newsroom development team. You will work with a small group to design and build the foundation of increasingly dynamic news applications used by millions of readers. Opportunities include breaking news, investigations and events such as the Olympics and elections.

Interested applicants should read the full description http://jobs.nytco.com/job/New-York-Interactive-News-Developer-Job-NY/2123052/ and send resumes to [email protected].

{Backend || DevOps} Engineer @ FiftyThree (New York, NY)

FiftyThree is the company behind Paper, an iPad app for capturing freeform ideas. Paper has done well — it won the 2012 Apple Design Award and it's had nearly 3 million downloads — but we're just getting started. We like to say Paper is "where ideas begin"; we're now building a service to "bring ideas together". Want to join us?

We're looking for a backend or devops engineer to help us build and scale this new service. The role is flexible, but you'll work across a diverse set of tools: Node.js (w/ CoffeeScript), Neo4j (a graph db), Heroku, and EC2. And as just our second backend engineer, you'll help shape our culture, process, and workflow.

If this sounds interesting, check out our jobs page to learn more, then drop us a line at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Percona Live London 2012, December 3-4, 2012

MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database, powering web-scale applications such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. MySQL continues to evolve rapidly, reaching more markets and powering more applications every day. 

Percona Live London 2012 features two full days of speakers and tutorials spanning multiple tracks across the MySQL ecosystem including, high availability and business continuity, security, cloud, MySQL integration with NoSQL and big data, diagnostics and troubleshooting and more. The event provides an excellent opportunity for MySQL users and developers to share expertise and learn from the industry’s top practitioners. Use discount code "HighScalability" and get 15% off of your registration!
Millennium Gloucester Hotel and Conference Centre, London, UK

Test aiCache acceleration for free. No sign-up required.

We have set up aiCache on the Amazon Ec2 cloud to allow you to accelerate your website, test it, and optionally deploy in about 10 minutes. No sign-up required and its free.

You give us your website address and we spin up an AWS Micro instance running aiCache configured for your site. We then give you a simple configuration tool, if you want to further tune the Dynamic Caching.

You can then test your regular site and the accelerated site side by side in real time, from a third party testing service, complete with waterfall chart to tell you what is slow. With a few clicks you can tune the Dynamic Caching and re-run the test till you get the optimal config, unique to your site.

Want to deploy it? Great put in the AWS instance ID and Key and we will push it to your choice of live server.

Got everything perfect? Update your DNS or pull a copy to your datacenter.

Want help? We can have one of our engineers hop on and joint edit the config file with you, to work through tricky SSL and Session authentication. A do it yourself kinda engineer? Great context sensitive help is available of every line of the config file.

Want to save it for later, no problem. Want to download it for use on your own box, clicky-clicky free.

See the power of aiCache on your time without being bugged. http://aicache.com/deploy

ScaleOut Software. In-memorry Data Grids for the Enterprise

Today's applications need fast access to data for maximum performance. Distributed in-memory data grids combine distributed caching with powerful analysis and management tools to give you a complete solution for managing fast-changing data in a server farm, compute grid, or in the cloud. ScaleOut Software's suite of software products eliminate scalability bottlenecks by storing fast-changing data in a memory-based, distributed cache spanning several servers, enabling scalable, highly available access by client systems

Download a Free Trial

New Relic is looking for a Java Scalability Engineer in Portland, OR

Are you ready for the challenges of scaling a web service that's already got more incoming bits/second than Twitter? You're an experienced engineer who knows Java. We're delivering the best application performance management service on the Web. We need your help to solve the scaling problems of a rapidly growing and successful company. At New Relic, you'll be taking on those challenges as part of a smart, fun team in a uniquely supportive work environment. We're looking for a pragmatic engineer who has built systems that scale for growth. You have applied network programming, caching, concurrency, object-oriented design, and databases (relational and otherwise) to real business problems. You are fluent in Java and not afraid of JavaScript. You know how the web works, from HTTP to how cookies actually behave in browsers. Perhaps you read W3C specs for fun.

What tools would you use? We build our data collectors with Java and MySQL, on a fairly typical web stack that handles 50+ billion incoming rows per day. We use Thrift, memcached, git, and Jenkins, with Linux in production and OS X on our desks. Other than that, we expect that you will use the right tool for the job. You'll evaluate technology choices with clear vision. You'll learn every day about what works and what doesn't by monitoring, evaluating, and continuously delivering your work to customers.

Apply at http://newrelic.com/about/jobs

NetDNA's Dual-CDN Strategy

We all know that using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can help scale your websites growth and deliverability of your online properties. Now that there is reliance for online enterprise companies to use a CDN, companies need safe-guards to ensure 100% up-time and increased scalability of their site. NetDNA, a Tier-1 GlobalContent Delivery Network, offers a Dual-CDN strategy which allows companies to utilize a redundant infrastructure while leveraging the advantages of multiple content delivery networks which in most cases reduces costs.

Many successful companies have been implementing a Dual-CDN Strategy that have not only saved them up to 50% in costs, but also increased the scalability of their site and the reliability in global up-time. To find out more about how you can leverage NetDNA's Dual CDN Strategy please visit NetDNA here: http://www.netdna.com/why-netdna/dual-cdn-strategy/ and learn more about how other successful companies use load balancing to achieve a high scaling website.

Take Your Application To The Next Level Of Performance & Scalability

Follow the Cloudify blog to learn more about our open source PaaS stack – latest integration recipes, builds, features, and other cool stuff.  

Visit the GigaSpaces blog to learn how to take your application to the next level of scalability and performance.

LogicMonitor takes the hassle out of monitoring

LogicMonitor’s hosted monitoring proactively alerts you to issues before they negatively impact your business without you having to take an engineer away from development to spend hours configuring and maintaining a monitoring infrastructure.


Try it free and be up and running in just 15 minutes.  

AppDynamics Troubleshooting Java Performance for Free

AppDynamics is the very first free product designed for troubleshooting Java performance while getting full visibility in production environments. If you're an application owner and need to ensure high availability and performance--but not ready to purchase a full monitoring tool--AppDynamics Lite is build for you. Install in two minutes; be monitoring a Java Virtual Machine in 10 minutes.

Visit http://www.appdynamics.com/free

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