Scaling Mailbox - From 0 to One Million Users in 6 Weeks and 100 Million Messages Per Day
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 8:38AM
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You know your product is doing well when most of your early blog posts deal with the status of the waiting list of hundreds of thousands of users eagerly waiting to download your product. That's the enviable position Mailbox, a free mobile email management app, found themselves early in their release cycle. 

Hasn't email been done already? Apparently not. Mailbox scaled to one million users in a paltry six weeks with a team of about 14 people. As of April they were delivering over 100 million messages per day.

How did they do it? Mailbox engineering lead, Sean Beausoleil, gave an informative interview on on how Mailbox planned to scale... 

Unfortunately we don't get a lot of technical details. It's easy to imagine however that the architecture for Mailbox is highly parallel and sharded as individual mailboxes can easily be processed in parallel in a shared nothing manner. Even without the technical details it's a fascinating portrait of how a successful cloud-mobile application is born.

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