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Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 8:56AM
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Couchbase: NoSQL and the Hybrid Cloud

If a NoSQL database can be deployed on-premise or it can be deployed in the cloud, why can’t it be deployed on-premise and in the cloud? It can, and it should.

The hybrid cloud is on its way, and your NoSQL database must be ready for it. Is it?

The full article highlights three use cases for hybrid cloud deployments of NoSQL databases: master / slave, cloud burst, and multi-master. In addition, it notes the benefits of deploying NoSQL databases in a hybrid cloud infrastructure: increased infrastructure availability, increased business agility, and increased efficiency.

Safeguard Commercial Success with a Strategic Monitoring Approach

Does your enterprise have adequate monitoring strategies in place to deal with tech challenges that can otherwise impact revenue and damage your corporate brand?

To avoid becoming the next media headline, your business must elevate the strategic importance of technology monitoring because the right approach can optimize workforce productivity and enhance external customer experience.

Join this live interactive webinar to learn about:

Register now to learn why your business must elevate the strategic importance of technology monitoring and learn how to safeguard your business.

CrowdStrike is Looking for a Senior Engineer

CrowdStrike, a big data security company is looking for a strong engineer to join our growing cloud team. You'll be working with the latest tools and technologies as well as tried and true ones where they fit best such as Scala, Go, AWS, Python, Cassandra, Hadoop, Elastic Search. You will be responsible for helping to scale our data and processing layer to support millions of events per second as well as terabytes of data per day. We are looking for smart people, not language specific people. People that want to be challenged and take ownership of what they build, we're looking for artisans. We’re remote friendly or offer relocation packages. We're building a data platform that you will have the key role in shaping. If you want a job that makes a difference in the world and operates at high scale, you've come to the right place.

CrowdStrike is a global provider of security technology and services focused on identifying advanced threats and targeted attacks. Using big-data technologies, CrowdStrike’s next-generation threat protection platform leverages real-time Stateful Execution Inspection (SEI) at the endpoint and Machine Learning in the cloud instead of solely focusing on malware signatures, indicators of compromise, exploits, and vulnerabilities.

More Info: http://www.crowdstrike.com/about-us/careers/senior-cloud-engineer

GigOM Interviews Aerospike at Structure Data 2014 on Application Scalability

Aerospike Technical Marketing Director, Young Paik explains how you can add rocket fuel to your big data application by running the Aerospike database on top of Hadoop for lightning fast user-profile lookups. Watch this interview.

Human Translation Platform Gengo Seeks Sr. DevOps Engineer

You: An engineer enthusiastic about building scalable infrastructures and solving software deployment challenges. You sleep better at night knowing the developers on your team have stable, efficient environments to code in.

Us: We’re a Tokyo-based Internet startup helping large and small online services Go Global through our API and unique translation platform. We love working with cosmopolitan people; most of our team have lived in another country before. Because of all the languages we speak — and code! — in we’re a tight-knit team that works hard, and has fun.

Together: We will build an infrastructure capable of handling billions of translation jobs, worked on by tens of thousands of qualified translators. If you love playing with Amazon’s AWS, understand the challenges behind release-engineering, and get a kick out of analyzing log data for performance bottlenecks all with the goal of making customers happier and translators more efficient, then we’re going to have fun!

Interested? Visit us at http://careers.gengo.com/apply/nBWnWP/Senior-Developer-Operations-Engineer.html for more information!

We’re looking for talented and driven engineers to help us build Layer

We’re looking for talented and driven engineers to help us build Layer, the open communications layer for the Internet. Layer enables app developers to easily build secure, scalable messaging, voice and video features into any app. We're tackling problems you won't find anywhere else, and we're obsessed with doing it right.

If you are a server software engineer interested in designing architectures, specifying protocols and APIs, and implementing high performance code as well as developing scalability and reliability strategies -- we want to hear from you. If you are a dev ops engineer who is passionate about systems engineering, driven to create environments that are high performance, rock solid reliable and fully automated -- we want to talk to you.

For more information and our full list of openings, please visit: https://layer.com/jobs

The Factory (www.thefactory.com) is seeking a talented, collaborative and entrepreneurial Sr. Front End Engineer.

Backed by the co-founder of Skype+Rdio and led by Rdio's founding team, we're changing the way products are built and companies get launched (think incubator/accelerator without the nagging outside influence or funding/timing constraints). Our goal is to build a platform to better launch startups and opensource what we do along the way. We've already launched one product and are hard at work on our next one.

The opportunity would allow you to come in on the ground floor to build the infrastructure/start developing the next hot products while collaborating with a team of super bright folks (with exp at Facebook, Skype, Amazon, Digg and Litl to name a few). The salary is top notch, as are the equity/benefits as an early member.


Airseed looking for lead backend and fullstack engineers - Google Ventures funded

Airseed is a developer platform that powers single sign-on authentication + rich consumer data + analytics. They are looking for domain experts who have experience tackling large scale problems in application development, infrastructure, data mining, machine learning, distributed systems, security, and monitoring / reliability.

tl;dr below:

 - who: founding engineers #4, 5, 6

  - what: developer platform

  - platform: auth + APIs + analytics

  - big data: petabytes; 200M+ nodes, 1B+ edges

  - founding team: serial entrepreneurs

  - investors: Google Ventures, angels

  - beta customers: ecommerce, travel

  - location: downtown SF

More info: https://www.airseed.com/jobs

Email: [email protected]

Do Continuous MapReduce on Live Data?

In an effort to make Hadoop more "real-time," an entire in-memory ecosystem has sprung up around it. The pace of change in this space makes it hard to keep up. Spark is a great tool for speeding up iterative batch processing and interactive query in Hadoop. Storm is a great tool for manipulating data as it streams by. ScaleOut hServer is often placed in these categories, but while hServer can do both of these tasks, it was built with a different purpose in mind. hServer was built to let you hold your daily business data in-memory, update it as it changes, and concurrently run continuous MapReduce tasks on it to analyze it in real-time. We call this "stateful" analysis. In short, it allows you to capture perishable business opportunities using the familiar MapReduce interface-- the same interface you use for your batch analytics. To learn more about hServer, check out www.scaleoutsoftware.com/hserver

Viber has replaced MongoDB with Couchbase Server

As one of the fastest growing VoIP services in the world, the challenge at Viber, their second-generation architecture was built on top of MongoDB shards. Next, Redis was added as a cache on top of the MongoDB shards to increase throughput. Still, MongoDB was unable to meet the high throughput requirements. Finally, a second Redis cluster was added independent of the MongoDB shards. The second-generation architecture was compromised of 150 MongoDB nodes and over 100 Redis nodes.

The third-generation architecture had to support 100,000+ operations per second in the short term and 1,000,000+ operations per second in the long term. Viber chose to build their third-generation architecture on top of Couchbase Server. The third-generation architecture is compromised of 100 to 120 Couchbase Server nodes.

Viber has been able to reduce the number of database nodes required while increasing the throughput with their third-generation architecture. For example, one of their Couchbase clusters (a ten node cluster) handles 100,000 to 200,000 operations per second with over 4.5 terabytes of data.

See the full story on the Viber switch.

The Biggest MongoDB Event Ever Is On. Will You Be There?

Join us in New York City June 23-25 for MongoDB World! The conference lineup includes Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and Cloudera Co-Founder Mike Olson for keynote addresses.  Hear real customer stories from Bosch, Forbes, Medtronic, Ticketmaster, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Verizon Wireless. 

The conference includes more than 80 in-depth sessions geared towards developers, operations professionals and executives. You’ll walk away with everything you need to know to build and manage modern applications.

Register before April 4 to take advantage of super early bird pricing.

AppDynamics now offers a trial of its fully-featured application performance management product

AppDynamics offers an easy-to-use application performance monitoring solution for Java, .NET and PHP applications running in a live production environment. Companies like Netflix, Orbitz and Edmunds.com use AppDynamics to rapidly identify & troubleshoot root cause in their large, distributed applications.

Try AppDynamics for free with AppDynamics Lite, a free troubleshooting tool for Java & .NET apps, or a free trial of AppDynamics Pro, their fully-featured application performance management solution. Both Lite and a trial version of Pro are available for download from appdynamics.com and take only a few minutes to install. Get the free trial.

April 3 Webinar: The BlueKai Playbook for Scaling to 10 Trillion Transactions a Month

As the industry’s largest online data exchange, BlueKai knows a thing or two about pushing the limits of scale. Find out how they are processing up to 10 trillion transactions per month from Vice President of Data Delivery, Ted Wallace. Register today.

Test aiCache acceleration for free. No sign-up required.

We have set up aiCache on the Amazon Ec2 cloud to allow you to accelerate your website, test it, and optionally deploy in about 10 minutes. No sign-up required and its free.

You give us your website address and we spin up an AWS Micro instance running aiCache configured for your site. We then give you a simple configuration tool, if you want to further tune the Dynamic Caching.

You can then test your regular site and the accelerated site side by side in real time, from a third party testing service, complete with waterfall chart to tell you what is slow. With a few clicks you can tune the Dynamic Caching and re-run the test till you get the optimal config, unique to your site.

Want to deploy it? Great put in the AWS instance ID and Key and we will push it to your choice of live server.

Got everything perfect? Update your DNS or pull a copy to your datacenter.

Want help? We can have one of our engineers hop on and joint edit the config file with you, to work through tricky SSL and Session authentication. A do it yourself kinda engineer? Great context sensitive help is available of every line of the config file.

Want to save it for later, no problem. Want to download it for use on your own box, clicky-clicky free.


See the power of aiCache on your time without being bugged. http://aiscaler.com/deploy

LogicMonitor is the Cloud-based IT Performance Monitoring Solution

LogicMonitor is the cloud-based IT performance monitoring solution that enables companies to easily and cost-effectively monitor their entire IT infrastructure stack – storage, servers, networks, applications, virtualization, and websites – from the cloud. No firewall changes needed - start monitoring in only 15 minutes utilizing customized dashboards, trending graphs & alerting.

AppDynamics Troubleshooting Java Performance for Free

AppDynamics is the very first free product designed for troubleshooting Java performance while getting full visibility in production environments. If you're an application owner and need to ensure high availability and performance--but not ready to purchase a full monitoring tool--AppDynamics Lite is build for you. Install in two minutes; be monitoring a Java Virtual Machine in 10 minutes.

Visit http://www.appdynamics.com/freetrial

ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine provides Enterprise IT Management suite of products. ManageEngine Applications Manager helps SaaS companies monitor their production applications and helps keep costs low.

There is out-of-the-box support for monitoring application servers, database servers, servers and web servers from a single web console. In addition to support for IBM Applications, Oracle Apps and Microsoft applications, there is deep support for Open Source Applications like JBoss, Memcached, LAMP stack etc.  Pricing starts at $795 for monitoring 25 servers or applications. Learn more about the Application Performance Monitoring tool.


Site24x7.com (from ZOHO) is a Website and Web Application Monitoring service. It helps you ensure your shopping carts and other web transactions work. It also helps you monitor the performance of your websites from a global point of presence. You can Sign Up for a Free Trial. The Professional Edition starts at $1 / Month. Learn more about the Website Monitoring Service.

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