AppLovin: Marketing to Mobile Consumers Worldwide by Processing 30 Billion Requests a Day
Monday, March 9, 2015 at 8:56AM
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This is a guest post from AppLovin's VP of engineering, Basil Shikin, on the infrastructure of its mobile marketing platform. Major brands like Uber, Disney, Yelp and use AppLovin's mobile marketing platform. It processes 30 billion requests a day and 60 terabytes of data a day.

AppLovin's marketing platform provides marketing automation and analytics for brands who want to reach their consumers on mobile. The platform enables brands to use real-time data signals to make effective marketing decisions across one billion mobile consumers worldwide.

Core Stats


Technology Stack


Third Party Services

Data Storage

Core App And Services

Servers and Provisioning


Monitoring Stack


Server Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Intelligent Monitoring


Architecture Overview


General Considerations

Message Processing

Ad Serving


Data Warehouse






Development Cycle

Avoiding Issues


Lessons Learned


Product Development



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