How Twitter Handles 3,000 Images Per Second
Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 8:56AM
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Today Twitter is creating and persisting 3,000 (200 GB) images per second. Even better, in 2015 Twitter was able to save $6 million due to improved media storage policies.

It was not always so. Twitter in 2012 was primarily text based. A Hogwarts without all the cool moving pictures hanging on the wall. It’s now 2016 and Twitter has moved into to a media rich future. Twitter has made the transition through the development of a new Media Platform capable of supporting photos with previews, multi-photos, gifs, vines, and inline video.

Henna Kermani, a Software Development Engineer at Twitter, tells the story of the Media Platform in an interesting talk she gave at Mobile @Scale London: 3,000 images per second. The talk focuses primarily on the image pipeline, but she says most of the details also apply to the other forms of media as well.

Some of the most interesting lessons from the talk:

Lots of good things happened on Twitter’s journey to a media rich future, let’s learn how they did it...

The Old Way - Twitter in 2012

The Write Path

The Read Path


The New Way - Twitter in 2016

The Write Path

Decoupling media upload from tweeting.

Segmented resumable uploads.

The Read Path

Introduced a CDN Origin Server called MinaBird.

Client Improvements (Android)

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