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Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 1:35PM
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pMd is Hiring

pMD is a fast­ growing, highly rated health care technology company that has been recognized as a Best Place to Work by SF Business Times, Modern Healthcare, and Inc. We're profitable, have extremely happy customers, and make up a team of people as talented and passionate as you are. We love what we do and care about doing good in the world.

Senior DevOps Engineer: Your engineering work will focus on using your deep knowledge of the web stack ­ including firewalls, web applications, caches and data stores ­ to create innovative infrastructure architectures that are resilient, scalable, and blazingly fast. You will bring best practices for automating the provisioning and patching of servers, replicating and versioning configuration changes, monitoring and alerting, deploying application and data store updates, and high availability / disaster recovery. You have a vision for how a best­in­the­world web application stack should run, and you're excited to execute on that vision.

At pMD you’ll wear many hats, have a lot of responsibility, and be part of a fun, smart, and creative team. Our team is small and collaborative, so you’ll experience rapid career growth through real mentorship. You'll be a name (or a nickname) on the team and at social events, rather than Engineer #300. You'll get opportunities to be involved in sales, recruiting, customer success, and other aspects of the business. As the company continues to grow, you're ready to start mentoring others and eventually build and lead a team. At pMD you can grow as quickly as you want to.

Where else would you have a chance to architect a new replication topology in the morning, meet with clients for lunch, build a bare metal server in the afternoon, and drink beers with the team after work? Plus, you'll be able to see the impact of your work immediately and you'll hear from our users how your efforts have improved their lives.

Please apply here.

Make Your Job Search O(1) — not O(n)

Triplebyte is unique because they're a team of engineers running their own centralized technical assessment. Companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart now let Triplebyte-recommended engineers skip their own screening steps.

We found that High Scalability readers are about 80% more likely to be in the top bracket of engineering skill.

Take Triplebyte's multiple-choice quiz (system design and coding questions) to see if they can help you scale your career faster.

The Solution to Your Operational Diagnostics Woes

Scalyr gives you instant visibility of your production systems, helping you turn chaotic logs and system metrics into actionable data at interactive speeds. Don't be limited by the slow and narrow capabilities of traditional log monitoring tools. View and analyze all your logs and system metrics from multiple sources in one place. Get enterprise-grade functionality with sane pricing and insane performance. Learn more today

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