A Smallish List of Parse Migration Guides

Since Parse's big announcement it looks like the release of migration guides from various alternative services has died down.

The biggest surprise is the rise of Parse's own open source Parse Server. Check out its commit velocity on GitHub. It seems to be on its way to becoming a vibrant and viable platform.

The immediate release of Parse Server with the announcement of the closing of Parse was surprising. How could it be out so soon? That's a lot of work. Some options came to mind. Maybe it's a version of an on-premise system they already had in the works? Maybe it's a version of the simulation software they use for internal testing? Or maybe they had enough advanced notice they could make an open source version of Parse?

The winner is...

Charity Majors, formerly of Parse/Facebook, says in How to Survive an Acquisition, tells all:

Massive props to Kevin Lacker and those who saw the writing on the wall and did an amazing job preparing to open up the ecosystem.

That's impressive. It seems clear the folks at Parse weren't on board with Facebook's decision, but they certainly did everything possible to make the best out of a bad situation. It's even possible this closure could be a good thing for Parse in the long run if open source support continues to flourish.

Here's a list of different ways of getting from here to there...

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