A TripAdvisor Short

Sometimes I get article proposals and then there's no follow up. Though these TripAdvisor data points are from 2010, I thought them worth sharing:

Our site serves in excess of 100M dynamically generated  page view a day (all media and static content goes through CDN), and we  do this with about 100 machines, no single point of failure, supported  by distributed service architecture that that responds to over 2B  requests a day, and a data warehouse of over 20TB that is used to drive  email campaigns, SEM, and general reporting. We are a  Linux/Java/Apache/Tomcat/Postgres/Lucene shop, and have built our  own distributed computing architecture. We also maintain duplicate data  centers (one active, one standby) for redundancy and maintenance  purposes.

Too bad, it sounds like it would have been a good article.