Gear6 Web cache - the hardware solution for working with Memcache

The Gear6 Web Cache hybrid DRAM-flash memory architecture allows for 5-10 times more memcache memory per unit of rack space than DRAM-only configurations, and cuts memory costs by 50%. Other software enhancements include a slab allocator that is more efficient than traditional memcache implementations due to its fine-grained bucket sizing. Gear6 Web Cache also supports object sizes greater than 1 megabyte and manages evictions based on the cost of replacing objects, depending on the size and frequency of object access. It intelligently places cache instances across DRAM and flash, taking into account their different characteristics, while at the same time monitoring their health and detecting and de‐allocating faulty or failing memory.

Gear6 Web Cache is a Memcached protocol compliant solution that scales and accelerates web applications, reduces memory footprint, enhances availability and implements comprehensive Memcached management features. Designed to work with all popular memcache clients, Gear6 Web Cache integrates seamlessly into existing deployments and immediately provides a scalable, high density caching solution for your web application environment.

Some of the web services which are using Gear6 are (wiki answers), (online video), (social network).

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