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Who's Hiring?

  • has hours of system design content. They also do live system design discussions every week. They break down interview prep into fundamental building blocks. Try out their platform.
  • Scrapinghub is hiring a Senior Software Engineer (Big Data/AI). You will be designing and implementing distributed systems: large-scale web crawling platform, integrating Deep Learning based web data extraction components, working on queue algorithms, large datasets, creating a development platform for other company departments, etc. - this is going to be a challenging journey for any backend engineer! Please apply here.
  • Sisu Data is looking for machine learning engineers who are eager to deliver their features end-to-end, from Jupyter notebook to production, and provide actionable insights to businesses based on their first-party, streaming, and structured relational data. Apply here.
  • Triplebyte lets exceptional software engineers skip screening steps at hundreds of top tech companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart. Make your job search O(1), not O(n). Apply here.
  • Need excellent people? Advertise your job here!

Cool Products and Services

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Essilen Research Free Video Series on Hiring

Modern tech companies understand that hiring is the most important on-going activity they undertake. However, a lot of companies still do their hiring in an ad-hoc way. Thrown-together job specs, random resume screening, unfocused interviews, and a lot more. The result is a process that doesn't get you the best employees you could. World-class tech companies do things very differently. In Essilen Research's video series on tech hiring, you'll learn the secrets that the best companies use to hire the best engineers, developers and designers.

We take you through the hiring process from start to finish. Learn how to write the right job spec. How to screen candidates efficiently, effectively, and without bias. Learn how to train interviewers so everyone's on the same page. No more arguments at the hiring meeting! And there's more: how to offer and close candidates, so they don't slip through your fingers. And of course, how to onboard new-hires the right way so they hit the ground running.

Essilen Research has decades of experience starting, building, running, and scaling great tech organizations. We've conducted thousands of interviews as hiring managers, hired hundreds, and trained dozens of interviewers ourselves. There really IS a better way to do tech hiring and this video series will start you on the path. Level up your tech hiring!

PA File Sight monitors file access on a server in real-time.

It can track who is accessing what, and with that information can help detect file copying, detect (and stop) ransomware attacks in real-time, and record the file activity for auditing purposes.   The collected audit records include user account, target file, the user’s IP address and more.  This solution does NOT require Windows Native Auditing, which means there is no performance impact on the server.   Join thousands of other satisfied customers by trying PA File Sight for yourself.  No sign up is needed for the 30-day fully functional trial.

Make Your Job Search O(1) — not O(n)

Triplebyte is unique because they're a team of engineers running their own centralized technical assessment. Companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart now let Triplebyte-recommended engineers skip their own screening steps.

We found that High Scalability readers are about 80% more likely to be in the top bracket of engineering skill.

Take Triplebyte's multiple-choice quiz (system design and coding questions) to see if they can help you scale your career faster.

If you are interested in a sponsored post for an event, job, or product, please contact us for more information.