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Who's Hiring?

  • Grid Dynamics is hiring engineers to use the latest advances in grid and cloud computing to build scalable services. Please send your cover letter and résumé to jobs@griddynamics.com
  • Rocketfuel is hiring engineers to build ad-serving, bidding, modeling and data infrastructure built using a mix of proprietary and open-source technologies. Please apply here.
  • FreeAgent - Senior Platform Engineer. FreeAgent is one of the UK's largest and most successful online accounting web apps, and we're growing at an explosive rate.
  • Everything is sexier in the cloud. Box is hiring operations engineers and infrastructure automation engineers to help us revolutionize the way businesses collaborate. Please apply here.

Fun and Informative Events

  • Curious about Couchbase Server 2.0? Register for a series of weekly 30-minute webinars. Couchbase has announced the CouchConf World Tour! Check it out at http://www.couchbase.com/couchconf-world-tour
  • Come one come all! Introducing Percona Live London! Join us for this two day intensive MySQL conference Oct 24th-25th. Save £40 on Percona's early bird and regular rate tickets with discount code: HiSc-PLUK
  • Surge 2011: The Scalability and Performance Conference. Surge is a chance to identify emerging trends and meet the architects behind established technologies. Early Bird Registration.

Cool Products and Services

  • aiCache creates a better user experience by increasing the speed scale and stability of your web-site.
  • New Relic - real user monitoring optimize for humans, not bots. Live application stats, SQL/NoSQL performance, web transactions, proactive notifications. Take 2 minutes to sign up for a free trial.
  • AppDynamics is the very first free product designed for troubleshooting Java performance while getting full visibility in production environments. Visit http://www.appdynamics.com/free.
  • CloudSigma. Instantly scalable European cloud servers.
  • ManageEngine Applications Manager : Monitor physical, virtual and Cloud Applications.
  • www.site24x7.com : Monitor End User Experience from a global monitoring network.

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Grid Dynamics is Hiring

Do you get fired up at the idea of using the latest advances in grid and cloud computing to turn monolithic software into scalable services? Do you get excited at the thought of converting boring, static, underutilized server farms into state-of-the-art virtualized compute clouds? If so, you need to be on our team because that’s exactly what we do at Grid Dynamics.

You will be joining a team consisting of 150 exceptionally passionate software engineers and scientists who love tackling difficult problems. Over the past five years we have a developed a track record for innovation and quality with nearly every one of our customers, and that is something to brag about given their size. We help customers such as Cisco, PayPal, eBay, Macy’s and ING create systems and products that handle exceptional peak loads and scale on demand and that always staying up. The results of our efforts: better performance, higher availability, faster time-to-market and much lower operational costs.

  • BA or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related field from a leading university
  • Exceptional problem solving skills and intellectual curiosity 5-10 years of hands-on software engineering experience
  • Track record of creating successful products or solutions (used by customers)
  • Ability to write and/or assess high quality code
  • Ability to proactively identify engineering issues and coordinate resolution
  • Able to supervise work of others and delegate tasks
  • Strong Java, C, C++ or C# or .Net  skills
  • Knowledge of basic administration of two out of three systems:
  • Linux/Windows/Solaris
  • Knowledge of high-performance web or enterprise applications, parallel processing or cloud computing strongly preferred
  • Background in financial applications, ecommerce, or infrastructures for high-traffic web commercial sites is a big plus
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • Passion for innovation and creative problem solving

Work in the beautiful and exciting Bay Area with established industry leaders for a high-energy atmosphere of a start-up.  Please send your cover letter and résumé to jobs@griddynamics.com

Rocketfuel is Hiring Engineers!

We’re hiring engineers to build ad-serving, bidding, modeling and data infrastructure built using a mix of proprietary and open-source technologies. We’re integrated with real time exchanges processing requests @100k qps. We have over 1PB of data and growing fast. We’re looking for those excited about working tough problems related to scalable, reliable, available algorithms, machine learning & software systems that scale.

Your colleagues will be engineers who went to top US as well as international schools (Examples include CMU, Cornell, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Stanford, MIT, IIT (India), Tsinghua (China)). So, this is a great opportunity to learn and grow in a fast paced environment.


  1. B.S./ M.S./PhD in computer science/ mathematics/ machine learning/ data mining
  2. Many years of Java, C/C++ Linux
  3. Good understanding of algorithms, data structures, performance optimization techniques, and object-oriented programming
  4. Structured thinker, Effective communicator, Excellent programming and analytic skills
  5. GPA 3.8 or above
  6. (Good to have) Experience with hadoop/ hive/Pig, MySQL, EC2

Please apply here.

Come one come all! Introducing Percona Live London!

The first two Percona Live MySQL Conferences in San Francisco and New York were great sellout events not soon to be forgotten. Due to the wild popularity of this event, we are taking Percona Live on the road to London, England were we will broaden learning opportunities, content, networking, presentation and marketing opportunities for attendees and sponsors. This two day event, October 24-25, will kick off with a day of tutorials followed by a day of conference sessions and an expo hall. Come learn what works for leading companies that use MySQL. Meet face-to-face with well known MySQL experts in the "hallway track" and make lasting connections. Go home with a whole new perspective on your old challenges. Purchase your tickets before there gone. Save £40 on Percona's early bird and regular rate tickets with the discount code: HiSc-PLUK. More information is at the  Percona Live homepage.

Box is hiring Operations and Infrastructure Automation Engineers

Box is hiring operations engineers and infrastructure automation engineers to help us revolutionize the way businesses collaborate. We are building a cloud solution that fully leverages the web to access and share all types of files. Businesses such as Proctor and Gamble, Marriott, Dell, the San Francisco Giants, and thousands more are using Box to manage and share their business content. We provide a solution substantially less expensive than the current enterprise competition, often by multiple orders of magnitude, by delivering the service on demand and over the web. We let users share business files as easily as a YouTube video, from the office or a cafe, on a PC or iPad, regardless of what software they have installed.

Box is experiencing tremendous growth and needs talented individuals in Tech Ops to scale our infrastructure and stay ahead of the curve. We have worked tirelessly to be able to handle orders of magnitude more users, data and network traffic, but the demand for the product continues to increase at an insane pace.

We're working to make our system as reliable, automated, and scalable as possible. You'll work on taking product ideas and operationalizing them - from evaluating various designs to prototyping, instrumenting, and rolling them out to production. You'll build a highly reliable infrastructure that scales to thousands of nodes and many petabytes.  Our goal is build a self-sustaining system.

Our operations automation team is tasked with minimizing the complexity and moving parts across our entire operational stack, and tying diverse systems into a cohesive whole, making it possible to run this massive infrastructure safely while continuing to push the technology forward. If you are interested in building the foundation of one of the largest and fastest cloud storage systems in the world while working with extraordinarily fun, wacky and talented people, visit www.box.net/jobs.

New Relic - Real User Monitoring Optimize for Humans

NEW! Real User Monitoring. Get browser performance data directly from real end users. All of them! See exactly what real userʼs experiences are by monitoring transactions, JavaScript rendering speed and network latency all from their perspective.

Real-time visibility into: Gain valuable, real-time insight into browser response time Measure user satisfaction (Apdex) from both end-user and app perspectives Determine if bottlenecks are located in front end, the app, or connected systems

Take 2 minutes to sign up for a free trial.

aiCache Increases the Speed Scale and Stability of Your Web-site

$100 dollars to yack with me about scaling your website for 20 minutes.

If you run an HTTP based Dynamic Application with more than 3 web servers, we think we have the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We believe we can scale your site 3x to 30x without changing your architecture and...

We giving you more stable performance and the industries best real-time reporting.

Scenario Number One (most likely to occur): You’ll say “HOLY CRAP, THIS IS AMAZING. I’M GOING TO TRIAL IT.”

...And then we’ll expect you to schedule some time for a proof of concept with our engineers. You might even want to buy us out right. Who knows?

Scenario Number Two (unlikely): You’ll say, “You know man ...this isn’t as cool as I was hoping it would be.”

In the unlikely event that scenario number two occurs,

I Will Send You $100.00 By PayPal

As Soon As You Hang Up The Phone

That’s how confident I am that what have really is the missing “Secret Sauce”.

You’re either totally pleased or I give you back $100.

See? If you meet the criteria I just gave you, you can’t lose.

And I’m pretty damn sure this is going to knock your socks off, so...

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

Book an appointment to speak



Surge 2011: The Scalability and Performance Conference

Surge is more than an event, it's a chance to identify emerging trends and meet the architects behind established technologies. Learn from their mistakes and see how their victories can power your business forward.

Join the Internet's top engineers in Baltimore, Maryland September 28-30, 2011 to hear case studies about designing and operating scalable Internet architectures—and, new this year, Hack Day. Register now to take advantage of the best rates during Early Bird registration: Only $350!

AppDynamics Troubleshooting Java Performance for Free

AppDynamics is the very first free product designed for troubleshooting Java performance while getting full visibility in production environments. If you're an application owner and need to ensure high availability and performance--but not ready to purchase a full monitoring tool--AppDynamics Lite is build for you. Install in two minutes; be monitoring a Java Virtual Machine in 10 minutes.

Visit http://www.appdynamics.com/free

Curious about Couchbase Server 2.0 or the CouchConf World Tour?

Curious about Couchbase Server 2.0?  Come to a series of weekly 30-minute webinars to learn more about the technical details of Couchbase Server 2.0.  Register at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/251613526

Couchbase Server 2.0 Developer Release combines the unmatched elastic data management capabilities of Membase Server with the distributed indexing and querying capabilities of Apache CouchDB to deliver the industry’s most powerful, bullet-proof NoSQL database technology.  The nine-week technical webinar series will cover: Couchbase Server 2.0 overview, Indexing and querying basics, SDKs/client libraries (including Moxi Server), Development/production View usage, Advanced indexing and querying, Clustering and monitoring, Auto compaction, Upgrading to 2.0 from Membase Server and Cross data center replication.

CouchConf World Tour

Join Couchbase in their worldwide tour of CouchConf developer conferences, taking place over the next six months in six major cities: New York City, Chicago, Berlin, Bangalore, Tel Aviv and Tokyo. CouchConf is a one-day event  for anyone who wants to take a deeper dive into Couch NoSQL technology, learn where it’s headed and build really cool stuff.  Check it out at http://www.couchbase.com/couchconf-world-tour

ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine provides Enterprise IT Management suite of products. ManageEngine Applications Manager helps SaaS companies monitor their production applications and helps keep costs low.
There is out-of-the-box support for monitoring application servers, database servers, servers and web servers from a single web console. In addition to support for IBM Applications, Oracle Apps and Microsoft applications, there is deep support for Open Source Applications like JBoss, Memcached, LAMP stack etc.  Pricing starts at $795 for monitoring 25 servers or applications. Learn more about the Application Performance Monitoring tool.


Site24x7.com (from ZOHO) is a Website and Web Application Monitoring service. It helps you ensure your shopping carts and other web transactions work. It also helps you monitor the performance of your websites from a global point of presence.  You can Sign Up for a Free Trial. The Professional Edition starts at $1 / Month. Learn more about the Website Monitoring Service.


  • Instantly Scalable European Cloud Servers. Create virtual servers in the cloud that are fully scalable and adaptive. Control your servers via our web console or API. CloudSigma gives more power and control over your server infrastructure.
  • Keep control, increase scalability. Subscribe for capacity or pay as you go; with CloudSigma we give you the power and control you need.
  • Competitive Innovative Pricing. Discover transparent pricing and a flexible billing model. Purchase what you need when you need it without resource bundling. We let you purchase CPU, RAM, Storage and bandwidth independently. Create your perfect combination that’s right for you.
  • 14-day Free Trial. Try our cloud computing products free.

More information at CloudSigma.

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