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Who's Hiring? 

  • Triplebyte lets exceptional software engineers skip screening steps at hundreds of top tech companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart. Make your job search O(1), not O(n). Apply here.

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Fun and Informative Events

  • Join Etleap, an Amazon Redshift ETL tool to learn the latest trends in designing a modern analytics infrastructure. Learn what has changed in the analytics landscape and how to avoid the major pitfalls which can hinder your organization from growth. Watch a demo and learn how Etleap can save you on engineering hours and decrease your time to value for your Amazon Redshift analytics projects. Register for the webinar today.

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Cool Products and Services

  • Shape the future of software in your industry. The Software Buyers Council is a panel of engineers and managers who want to share expert knowledge, contribute to improvement of software, and help startups in their industry. Receive occasional invitations to chat with for 30 minutes about your area of expertise and software usage. No obligations, no marketing emails or sales calls. Upcoming topics include infrastructure and application monitoring, AI/ML platforms, and more. Learn more and join today.

  • InMemory.Net provides a Dot Net native in memory database for analysing large amounts of data. It runs natively on .Net, and provides a native .Net, COM & ODBC apis for integration. It also has an easy to use language for importing data, and supports standard SQL for querying data. http://InMemory.Net
  • Build, scale and personalize your news feeds and activity streams with getstream.io. Try the API now in this 5 minute interactive tutorialStream is free up to 3 million feed updates so it's easy to get started. Client libraries are available for Node, Ruby, Python, PHP, Go, Java and .NET. Stream is currently also hiring Devops and Python/Go developers in Amsterdam. More than 400 companies rely on Stream for their production feed infrastructure, this includes apps with 30 million users. With your help we'd like to ad a few zeros to that number. Check out the job opening on AngelList.
  • Scalyr is a lightning-fast log management and operational data platform.  It's a tool (actually, multiple tools) that your entire team will love.  Get visibility into your production issues without juggling multiple tabs and different services -- all of your logs, server metrics and alerts are in your browser and at your fingertips. .  Loved and used by teams at Codecademy, ReturnPath, Grab, and InsideSales. Learn more today or see why Scalyr is a great alternative to Splunk.

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Why engineers are joining the Software Buyers Council:

1) Make a big impact. All studies are requested by startup founders who are committed to making big changes based on the feedback they receive.

2) Be heard. Have one-on-one conversations with me, not some market research corporation. Informal conversation about topics that interest you. No judgement, no sales pitch, no cross-examination.

3) Minimal effort and no commitment. Accept, reject, or ignore invitations as you wish. When you accept an invitation, you can choose the date and time, and the chats are only 30 minutes. Nothing to prepare before or after.

4) Help the startup community and your peers. Your input will help software startups (not mega corporations) and your peers who use or might use that software in the future.

Learn more and join today. Upcoming topics include infrastructure and application monitoring, AI/ML platforms, and more.

Make Your Job Search O(1) — not O(n)

Triplebyte is unique because they're a team of engineers running their own centralized technical assessment. Companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart now let Triplebyte-recommended engineers skip their own screening steps.

We found that High Scalability readers are about 80% more likely to be in the top bracket of engineering skill.

Take Triplebyte's multiple-choice quiz (system design and coding questions) to see if they can help you scale your career faster.

The Solution to Your Operational Diagnostics Woes

Scalyr gives you instant visibility of your production systems, helping you turn chaotic logs and system metrics into actionable data at interactive speeds. Don't be limited by the slow and narrow capabilities of traditional log monitoring tools. View and analyze all your logs and system metrics from multiple sources in one place. Get enterprise-grade functionality with sane pricing and insane performance. Learn more today

If you are interested in a sponsored post for an event, job, or product, please contact us for more information.