SQL Server 2008 Database Performance and Scalability

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 incorporates the tools and technologies that are necessary to implement relational databases, reporting systems, and data warehouses of enterprise scale, and provides optimal performance and responsiveness.

With SQL Server 2008, you can take advantage of the latest hardware technologies while scaling up your servers to support server consolidation. SQL Server 2008 also enables you to scale out your largest data solutions.

This white paper describes the performance and scalability capabilities of Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 and explains how you can use these capabilities to:

* Optimize performance for any size of database with the tools and features that are available for the database engine, analysis services, reporting services, and integration services.      

     * Scale up your servers to take full advantage of new hardware capabilities.

     * Scale out your database environment to optimize responsiveness and to move your data closer to your users.

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